BowlNow Testimonial: Elevating Arnold’s FEC With BowlNow​

BowlNow Testimonial: Elevating Arnold's FEC with BowlNow

In the ever-evolving landscape of leisure and entertainment, staying ahead of the game is crucial. David Ballenberg, the General Manager of Arnold’s FFC, has mastered this art by leveraging BowlNow, a cutting-edge technology that has breathed new life into his bowling business.

Arnold’s Fun Family Center (FFC) has been a staple in the local community for years. However, in the digital age, even the most beloved establishments need to adapt. That’s where BowlNow, an innovative bowling management system, comes into play. Under David’s leadership, Arnold’s FFC has seamlessly integrated this technology, resulting in a remarkable transformation.

Here from David as he talks about why he chose BowlNow for his FFC and how it has helped his bowling business flourish.