Unleash Revenue at your center

Event Management With BowlNow

No more spreadsheets, sticky notes, or missed event booking opportunities. BowlNow takes individuals through an automated journey from ‘I’m just looking’ to ‘I’m booking’. Whether they are looking for a birthday party, corporate event, charity outing, or some other gathering, they will receive custom communications. From outreach to invoicing to retargeting BowlNow has you covered.

Attract More Prospects, Close More Event Bookings

BowlNow gives you the power to attract more bookings and the technology to book more events with significantly less effort. Rely on automation to take people through a journey designed to surprise, delight, and close more customers.

Experience the Magic of Rebookings through Automation

Do you have time to stay in front of past bookings to gain more and more business from them?  BowlNow automates the process of keeping past prospects and bookers engaged year-round. BowlNow is the  secret sauce to driving event revenue through the roof.

Gain Transparency and Maximize Revenue

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel (or bowling ball for that matter). BowlNow’s CRM drops forms on your website that connect to automated communication flows and pipelines that keep you informed, customers engaged, and ensure inquiries turn into revenue.

End to End Event Success with less Effort

From attracting a prospect to booking to invoicing to rebooking BowlNow has the systems.  Best of all, it will reduce your time, effort and expense!

"Since we launched the event management features of the BowlNow CRM system revenue, has increased by 55%. My favorite components are the pipelines that allow me to see every prospect, where they are in the booking process, and the value of my entire pipeline. It’s made a huge difference in how efficiently we manage all types of events from start to finish."
Laura Mowery
Corporate Sales Consultant - Mowery Entertainment