My Interview with Bowling University’s Profit Break

My Interview With Bowling University's Profit Break

 Hello Fellow Proprietors!

I had the pleasure of joining Bart Burger on set of Profit Break  in Arlington, TX at the BPAA headquarters. As a bowling proprietor myself, I have been allocating quite a bit of time and energy preparing for consumer reaction to market conditions. I wanted to share the entire interview with you to give insight into how we are preparing for this changes within the industry. I hope you enjoy it and I welcome your feedback. To view the full interview, click the picture below.

 In addition to what I shared with Bart, I firmly believe that we as an industry need to streamline operations by getting away from running business on spreadsheets and far too many single solution software systems.  That’s really at the heart of the system we have created at BowlNow. We need to be smart, targeted, and strategic in how we reach more customers and increase visit frequency.

More Bowlers Bowling More Often is our mission but we have to do it with less time, effort, resources and even reliance on staff. 

If you would like to chat about my answer to Bart or about how we at BowlNow help operators please let me know or schedule some time to chat.


Daniel Mowery
Owner & CEO