Navigating a Pullback on Discretionary Spending: Strategies for Bowling Centers

Navigating A Pullback on Discretionary Spending: Strategies For Bowling Centers

Bowling proprietors all across the country have seen an unprecedented boom in the bowling industry.  This post COVID-19 surge was due to multiple factors such as stimulus money, increased savings while staying home, and the strongest case of cabin fever the American people have ever experienced.  There are indicators of a potential pull back on spending this season.

1. Value Added Promotions

In challenging economic times, customers are looking for value for their money. Bowling centers can offer attractive promotions that provide added value to their customers. This can include discounted group rates, special event packages, loyalty programs, or integrated food and beverage deals. By targeting budget-conscious customers with enticing offers, centers can encourage them to continue enjoying bowling while spending wisely.

2. Build Your Customer Database and automate the relationship

If you are not capturing customer information at every opportunity and then automating communication with those customers to increase their frequency of visits to your facilities then you are missing a major revenue stream. We are seeing the impact at my facilities and other bowling centers that are using our platform. Automating the capturing of customer data and making your fun more accessible is how we are going to get More Bowlers Bowling More Often!


3. embrace social media and online marketing

With more people spending time online, it is vital for bowling centers to have a strong online presence. Establishing and maintaining active social media profiles allows centers to engage and connect with their customer base effectively. Online marketing campaigns, such as targeted ads or email newsletters, can inform potential customers about special promotions and upcoming events. Leveraging technology and social media platforms can help retain existing customers and attract new ones.


4. target niche markets

During economic downturns, some demographics may be less affected by discretionary spending cuts. Bowling centers can identify and target niche markets that may have higher disposable income or a greater inclination to spend on entertainment. This could include corporate events, team-building activities, birthday parties, or community groups. Offering specialized packages or tailored experiences for these markets can help bowling centers tap into niche customer segments.


5. focus on league play and tournaments

In times of reduced discretionary spending, there may still be avid bowlers and enthusiasts who are willing to prioritize their passion. Bowling centers can focus on cultivating and expanding league play and hosting tournaments. Offering competitive opportunities, prize money, or scholarship programs for young bowlers can attract dedicated participants and drive foot traffic during leaner times.



While a pullback on discretionary spending can pose challenges for bowling centers, employing a strategic approach can help them navigate through uncertain economic times. By providing value-added promotions, enhancing customer experiences, utilizing online marketing, targeting niche markets, collaborating with local businesses, and focusing on league play and tournaments, bowling centers can continue to attract customers and remain resilient in the face of financial restraint. By adapting and evolving with customer needs, bowling centers can weather the storm and thrive in the long run.